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Green City Raigad - Serenity at the doorstep

Green City Raigad

We never finish planning in life and never stop making decisions. We generally plan our future and foresee the comfortable life we will lead when we grow old. Talking about planning, not only do we save money accordingly but also we look forward to invest or live in a place which is surrounded by beauty of nature as it is.

Greencity Raigad is one such location right next to Raigad Fort, Mahad. SBL has come up with NA developed plots and bungalows with multiples of 1200 sq.ft., 10000 sq.ft., 20000 sq.ft. and 40000 sq.ft.

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Ever young Green City Kanchipuram


Heard yourself in your dream saying, I have made the perfect investment that would make sure I have a bright future. Are you still finding your perfect investment opportunity? You big opportunity is right where you are, reading this article knowing more about Greencity Kanchipuram and how it fulfils every aspect of an investment you were looking for.

Greencity is a brand of Sakarlal Balabhai & Company Ltd which has been started with the objective of building affordable homes for all across various cities in the country. Kanchipuram is one such city where this wonderful brand has put its footprints and taken on a mission to bring happiness to your life.

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Your destination NA plots near Mumbai and Pune

Plots near Mumbai

Ram Bhushan, a 35 years old Pune based businessmen, remembers a very wise decision he took one year back. “I was on a car ride from Pune to Mumbai on the beautiful Pune-Mumbai highway, when I thought about where my future is taking me. Am I saving money for my future? Have I ever revisited my financial portfolio, the investments I have made in the last 5-10 years? Most importantly, are they enough?”, he asked himself.

A few wise advices, the eagerness to grow, secure his financial future took him to Greencity Raigad. “Greencity’s Raigad project came as land of opportunity to me. I had few savings which I wanted to put in a sound investment. Something that could grow it multi folds few years down the line. I read about the project in a newspaper, discussed with few of my friends and took one of the most important steps of my life.”, he said.

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Gazing into Green City Vadodara

Green City Vadodara

India is being looked as a land of opportunities today, both for business and investment. Foreign investors want to come and invest in Indian properties. Multinational companies see their next success story here. They want to make in India and grab the chance they have got. The business environment in itself has grown positive.

The above showcases that the country is progressing and has taken the right step to glorious years ahead. All this has been made possible with huge initiatives being taken to develop cities, launch new projects and other developments in various sectors.

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