Your destination NA plots near Mumbai and Pune

Ram Bhushan, a 35 years old Pune based businessmen, remembers a very wise decision he took one year back. 'I was on a car ride from Pune to Mumbai on the beautiful Pune-Mumbai highway, when I thought about where my future is taking me. Am I saving money for my future? Have I ever revisited my financial portfolio, the investments I have made in the last 5-10 years? Most importantly, are they enough?', he asked himself.

A few wise advices, the eagerness to grow, secure his financial future took him to Greencity Raigad. 'Greencity's Raigad project came as land of opportunity to me. I had few savings which I wanted to put in a sound investment. Something that could grow it multi folds few years down the line. I read about the project in a newspaper, discussed with few of my friends and took one of the most important steps of my life.', he said.

Just like Ram, many others, specifically the residents of Pune, Mumbai and nearby areas, have chosen Greencity as their destination investment.

Here are few of the reasons why Green City Raigad should be your preferred choice. if you are looking for NA plots or land for sale near Mumbai or Pune:

 > Around 120 kms from Pune city, Raigad attracts young population in huge numbers. Natural beauty combined with smart projects like Greencity have opened the doors for the wonderful years lying ahead for the city.

 > Phase 1 of Green City Raigad offers NA plots in multiples of 1200 sq.ft, 10,000 sq.ft 20,000 sq.ft, and 40,000 sq.ft. The project is complimented with world class amenities as: Vastu Friendly Layouts, Garden & Open Space, Decorative Entrance Gate, Club House, Convention Centre, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium and Temple.

 > It has built with an aim to provide the E3 combination of Efficiency, Excitement and Ease. It also follows a well-planned approach of LANDS (Location, Assurance, National presence, Documentation, Services).

 > Raigad has huge investments in queue. The new Mumbai International airport at Mumbai Panvel, Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor and four lane of Mumbai to Goa highway are some of the big ones.

The right time to take a wise step is now. Trust yourself with Greencity Raigad and step on the staircase to success. Green City Raigad offers NA Plots for sale near Mumbai and Pune. SBL is the premiere real estate developer in Mumbai, India.