RERA Regulations

RERA Regulations

Dear Business partner, As a channel partner with the Green City brand, your contribution to our business is invaluable. With the advent of the new legislation concerning our real estate business, i.e. the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 and the rules and regulations notified thereunder (in short referred to as "RERA"), many essential changes are required for compliance with the new legislation. Since we are moving forward together and hope for a long and mutually fruitful business association, we are hereby providing certain guidelines to be followed by you to enable the smooth transition to enable a RERA compliant business with respect to our projects.


Any marketing collaterals, pamphlets, mailers, whatsapp messages, SMS's, and / or any other type of promotional, marketing and sales material in whatever format that have been issued by us prior to 1st May 2017 should be discontinued from use with immediate effect. Further any marketing collaterals, pamphlets mailers, whatsapp messages, SMS's, and / or any other type of promotional, marketing and sales material generated/created by you with respect to any of our projects have also to be discontinued with immediate effect. You, your employees, representatives, agents and those acting on your behalf shall not represent either by yourself or on our behalf with respect to any of our projects to any prospective / existing customer using any of the above referred material that has been circulated, published or authorized before 1st May 2017 and / or generated by you prior to 1st May, 2017.


Further, it is noticed that some of you have without our approval, hosted / prepared webpages/websites with respect to our projects on your independent websites (resembling our official website) which you are instructed to delete/discontinue with immediate effect.


We have already incorporated the following disclaimer on our website and the same stands applicable to you with respect to all our projects; "No information, images or material which are currently available / displayed on the website shall be deemed to constitute any advertisement, invitation, solicitation, offer or sale of any of our product offerings and we shall not accept any such bookings based on reliance of such currently available information, images and material on the website and further shall not be responsible for any consequences of any action taken by any person or authority relying on material/information or otherwise". If it is found that there is information in the public domain that has not been hereafter, specifically issued / authorized by us, we shall not be responsible for any consequences and shall be constrained to take necessary action in accordance with RERA.


We are in the process of updating our information, marketing and sales material (including our website) towards compliance under RERA and shall share the same with you at the earliest. You may thereafter, under intimation to us, disseminate the project data/information as best suited to the needs of the project.


Please note that the use of any material by you that has not been provided/advised/authorized/published by Green City officially and / or which is prepared by you independently (and not approved by us) shall be in contravention of RERA and shall go against the very essence of the law. We shall appreciate and expect your full cooperation in this matter.


You are also requested to complete the procedure for registration of your organization as a Real Estate Agent as prescribed under the RERA and provide us with your registration details.


In the event you have any queries regarding the above, you may speak to Ms Shweta 022 6588 0444 or your relationship manager for more clarity and further information.